About Me

Hi! My name is Aleksandra Buyanova, I am a ceramic artist currently living in Berlin, Germany. I was born in Russia, and since childhood I have had a craving for creation, drawing, working with my hands and expressing myself through creativity, so I started doing ceramics in 2018. Living in Saint-Petersburg, I was inspired by the nature of Karelia and Scandinavia, so I began to develop my own collections of ceramic works applying different materials, techniques and meanings. I make all my products by hand, and each one is unique. You can follow the process of creation of my works on my Instagram page. Over the course of several years I have created hand-painted dishware, animalistic figurines, hand-crafted vases and other decorative items from stoneware and porcelain. More recently I have been especially focusing on animalistic ceramic works, and figurines of whales are my favorites. In 2022 I moved to Germany and opened my workshop in Berlin. I am currently focused on designing and developing my author's view in ceramics, so at the moment I do not take individual orders, but at the same time I do not exclude the possibility of participating in interesting collaborations and creative projects. You can contact me here if you have any questions about me.